The 3rd-generation successor Wu Jiang Hao
Hanging the shop sign on the wall means not only selling the fame built by old generation, but also the business philosophy passed on by the old generation. What we present to our customers is not only the delicacies, but also the tradition we have maintained with all our strength. Each dish is not only colorful, aromatic, and tasty, but also with rich warmth of human. The pride of this city is not on people's face, but inside the cuisine; the pride is condensed in the soup, and in the stove fire. It subtly tells the story of old generation by the flavor of each dish.

2F, No.366, Section 1, Zhong-Hua East Road, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan (2F of T.S. Dream Mall)
Reservation hotline:06-3006789、06-3006788 Fax:06-2095405
Open hours:Monday ~ Sunday 11:00-14:00,17:00-21:00